Are you looking for a guaranteed pest control solution that you can count on?

Romex Pest Control is here to serve your needs. If you live in Dallas, you understand the need to keep these pesky critters from your home. We offer pest control services that are both eco-friendly and highly effective– GUARANTEED.

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Top Rated Pest Control at a Reasonable Cost.

We at Romex Pest Control know how hard it is to focus on the things that matter when your property is swarmed with bugs and pests. Why would we give you a headache with a high bill? Take advantage of our special pricing today!

*This pricing is based on homes and properties of no more than 3,000 sqft. If you have special pest control needs for your property, please contact us immediately for custom tailored pricing. Please call us at (469) 661-0677 with any questions!

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Full Guarantee of All Services

Romex Pest Control offers a full guarantee of all services that we perform. If we go to your property, we intend to solve your problems for as long as we are partnered with you. Customer service is our foundation.