Pest Control Services

What We Offer

Whether it’s ants, mice, termites or any other unwelcome houseguests, our expert licensed exterminators will provide you with affordable and professional pest control services.


Our effective and affordable termite control and extermination services provide the ultimate protection for any termite species that can infest your home.

Mice and Rats

We know all about mice and rats. We know the structures and places where they hide and live, as well as the best products to use to help you exterminate these and other rodents from your home or business.


You need the right tools, products and expertise to exterminate spiders. Our trained professionals know which are the best products and where to put them to provide you with long-lasting spider control.


Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets can turn your home or garden into a war zone! They are tough to eliminate, but not for our professional pest control experts.


Romex Pest Control knows that the cockroach species infesting your home or business will determine your roach control strategy. Call us to get rid of cockroaches fast and effectively.


Have you discovered a cricket problem in your garden? Don’t worry, we know how to fix it. Our extensive knowledge of crickets helps us to provide you with better cricket pest control.


Do you have a scorpion problem in or around your home? We use a variety of environmentally-friendly scorpion control treatments to protect your family from these indoor nuisance pests.


Without the right mosquito control, trying to keep mosquitos at bay in your home or backyard can be to little avail. Repel mosquitos now and later down the road with help from Romex.