Cockroach Control

Struggle no more to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches spread human disease and are a major source of allergens. When they start infesting your home or business, they can become a major problem fast. Some cockroach solutions may ward off your cockroach problem to a certain degree. But several cockroach species are resistant to (and avoid) over-the-counter insecticidal sprays and baits that are commonly used. Pyrethroid-based insecticides used on cockroaches can disrupt a baiting/monitoring treatment by repelling the cockroaches rather than eliminating them.

To completely rid your home or business of cockroaches will require help from a licensed cockroach exterminator who knows the best solutions for the type of cockroach infestation you have. Our licensed professionals at Romex Pest Control are specialists for cockroach removal and control in your home, garden or business.

How we effectively exterminate cockroaches

Traps alone can only do so much to get rid of cockroaches. Luckily, Romex Pest Control knows the best solutions for complete cockroach extermination that will prevent future infestations. That includes:

  • Altering their environment
  • Eliminating food, water and entryways
  • Monitoring cockroach baits, insecticides and more

We approach our cockroach control by targeting the source of an infestation directly rather than just targeting a few, lone cockroaches. Our technicians will inspect your home or business from top to bottom so that we can eliminate any and all breeding spots and entry points for the cockroaches.

For over 20 years, Romex has been providing homes with this effective cockroach control that not only gets rid of roaches that you see scurrying about, but eliminates the entire cockroach nest, its food supply and anything else that allows it to thrive in your home. By doing so, we give our customers the complete cockroach control and peace of mind for which they’ve been searching.

Safe and eco-friendly cockroach control

Don’t put you or your family in danger of inhaling toxic fumes with a strong chemical cockroach treatment. Romex Pest Control offers plant-based cockroach control that naturally creates a powerful barrier around your property and lures cockroaches into baited traps. These safe solutions provide the relief you want from a cockroach infestation, without exposing children or pets to dangerous chemicals.

Because of this, you can even stay right at home or continue business as usual as we apply treatment to your property! They won’t leave any lasting odors that halt your routine or pose a potential health hazard, while still offering the best cockroach control.

Call us for your cockroach extermination and pest control needs today! We also treat homes for silverfish and other similar pests that are difficult to exterminate on your own completely. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate and more information about our safe pest control treatments.


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