Hornet and Wasp Control

Remove all traces of hornets and wasps

Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and other wasp species can turn your property into a war zone! Having a nest near the entrance of your home or business can be a great nuisance and hazard. Hornets and wasps are some of the most difficult household pests to eliminate. Don’t try to remove them on your own! You need the right tools, products and expertise to exterminate them and prevent new colonies from building more nests.

For the professional pest control you need with quick, 24 hour response times, call Romex Pest Control. We’ll get rid of your hornet or wasp problem in no time, taking any necessary measures to ensure that nests and colonies are removed entirely for no future problems.

Child and pet-friendly treatments

At Romex, our technicians only used plant-based pest control treatments to remove and prevent hornets, wasps and all manner of pests. Because our solutions don’t leave behind chemical or toxic aromas, no one will need to leave the property as we apply treatment and remove any nests, allowing business or your daily routines at home to continue as usual.

We’re proud to provide effective treatments that take care of any pest problem completely, without causing harm to the environment, your employees or your family.

Why Romex for hornet and wasp control?

Along with our safe solutions, Romex Pest Control’s licensed hornet and wasp exterminators know how to choose the right pest control product and where to put it the complete removal of these tricky pests. We are certified specialists for all types of wasp extermination, control and prevention. From ensuring a clean hornet nest removal to total eradication of the pests themselves, we’ll take care of the problem using kid and pet-friendly solutions.

Call us today and we’ll come over quickly to give you an estimate for removing wasps and hornets from your home or business!


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