Termite Control

Termite Control in Prosper TX and Surrounding Areas

Homes in north Dallas are at high risk for termite infestation. Sooner or later, almost every home gets attacked by termites. When that happens, it’s time to call licensed termite exterminators.

Romex Pest Control provides home termite treatments in Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Prosper TX and other surrounding areas. Our effective and affordable termite control services provide protection for all kinds of termites that can infest your home, apartment, condominium or commercial building. Our termite control includes much more than just exterminating or controlling termites. It involves controlling the environment to prevent future infestations, making it the best termite control in north Dallas.

What is the difference between a limited and a full inspection?

A limited inspection is generally restricted to one particular area where the homeowner has noted or suspects damage. Such an inspection is useful only for identification and estimate purposes. A full inspection involves inspecting the entire structure that can be accessed without damaging, defacing or moving anything. Inaccessible parts of the structure are noted on the report.

At Romex, we provide both limited and full home inspections to ensure that no part of your termite problem is left untouched or will cause you further problems later down the road.

How often do I need a termite inspection at my home?

Every 2-4 years, depending upon the age and condition of your home. Many companies sell annual termite inspections, but this is really more than most people need in our area.

Get the home termite treatment you need today to start eradicating and prevent termite infestations.

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