The In2Care Mosquito Trap

What makes the In2Care Mosquito Trap the best mosquito treatment?

Romex Pest Control provides our customers with only the best in pest control. That’s why we use In2Care Mosquito Traps as part of our home mosquito control. We’ve see just how effective In2Care’s products can be for protecting your home from mosquitoes carrying dangerous viruses such as:

  • Zika virus
  • Dengue virus
  • Chikungunya virus
  • Yellow Fever virus

How does In2Care’s mosquito control work?

The In2Care Mosquito Trap lures female mosquitoes into its container where they land on bioactives that stop the above viruses from reproducing and kill mosquito larvae. The female mosquito carries the bioactives to mosquito breeding grounds outside of the trap, preventing further spread of the viruses and the mosquitoes themselves.

Simply place the In2Care Mosquito Trap in your yard and watch your mosquito population decrease! Romex is 1 of 3 In2Care Trap dealers in the North Dallas area because of how well it works for keeping families safe from these viruses and eliminating mosquito populations. And it’s also an eco-friendly solution that won’t harm pets or plants in your yard!

Get the In2Care Mosquito Trap for your Texas home, or across our other service areas in Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma. We’re proud to offer this effective and long-lasting mosquito control to our local communities

Order In2Care Mosquito products for your home

Contact Romex Pest Control today to order your In2Care Mosquito Trap today! Or ask about our other In2Care mosquito products. We also supply mosquito repellent, mosquito lawn spray and other solutions from In2Care to provide you with complete protection and a mosquito-free home. Call today!

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