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Fire Ants in the South Judging from phone calls we receive from homeowners in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi the fire ant is becoming more of an issue. These aggressive invaders have carved a niche for themselves, making them a significant concern for homeowners in the southern USA. Understanding the Fire Ant Invasion Fire ants… Continue reading The Battle Against Fire Ants in the South: Here’s What Homeowners Need to Know
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Fire Ants in DFW Fire ants can be a pesky problem for homeowners in the DFW area. These tiny invaders build large colonies and can cause significant damage to both property and well-being. That's where Romex Pest Control comes in. With their expertise in pest control and swift response, they are ready to combat fire… Continue reading Romex Pest Control Battles Fire Ants in DFW: A Swift Response to the Tiny Invaders
fire ant pest control
Which States Are Home to Fire Ants? A Detailed Guide For Homeowners Fire ants, those notorious for their painful stings, have carved out a significant presence across the United States. With two main types, imported and native, these tiny but mighty insects have shown a strong preference for warm, sunny climates, steering clear of shaded… Continue reading Fire Ants: A Primer

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