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What You Need to Know about Termites We live in a diverse ecosystem inhabited by creatures of all shapes and sizes. Of course, some of those creatures remain unseen to us most of the time. They’re so small that we may already be sharing a home with them without us noticing until it’s too late.… Continue reading What You Need to Know about Termites and How Best to Address an Infestation
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Sentricon: A Life Saver? Termites have been pestering our homes for centuries, and for the longest time, we lacked the means to effectively eliminate them. At least that was the case until Sentricon came along. What Sentricon brought to the market was a method of addressing termites that was complete and efficient. It is revolutionary… Continue reading Sentricon: Best Way to Prevent Termites from Getting in and Around Your Home
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Termite Swarmers - What You Need To Know What You Need to Know About Termite Swarmers in TX, OK, MS, LA It may sound like a freaky sci-fi movie, but swarms of termites invading your home is a real and common occurrence. Termite colonies produce “swarmers” during certain times of the year for their survival… Continue reading All About Termite Swarmers
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Protect Your Home: Invest In Pest Control & Save From Termites Now! Are you prepared to have a termite exterminator help you protect your home from the destructive power of termites? As termite swarming season is currently active in the Southeastern U.S., homeowners like you must take action. These silent destroyers cause over $5 billion in… Continue reading Protect Your Home: Invest In Pest Control & Save From Termites Now!
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Formosan Termites in Louisiana In Louisiana, homes and structures are at risk of infestation by the destructive Formosan Termite. These invasive pests can cause extensive damage to properties, requiring costly repairs and treatment. However, with Romex's expertise in termite defense, homeowners can rest assured that their properties are safeguarded against the threat of Formosan Termites.… Continue reading Romex vs. Formosan Termites in Louisiana: A Resolute Defense
Re-infestations happen when the initial treatment is incomplete, leaving some pests behind. Termite colonies can be missed, and ineffective chemical barriers allow pests to return. Poor moisture control and structural vulnerabilities create inviting environments. Improper wood storage and neighboring infestations also contribute. Termites have evolved adaptations to thrive, so regular inspections are essential to detect activity early. You can prevent re-infestations by being… Continue reading Why Termite Re-Infestations Happen and How to Stop Them”

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