Sentricon: Best Way to Prevent Termites from Getting in and Around Your Home

Sentricon: A Life Saver?

Termites have been pestering our homes for centuries, and for the longest time, we lacked the means to effectively eliminate them. At least that was the case until Sentricon came along.

What Sentricon brought to the market was a method of addressing termites that was complete and efficient.

It is revolutionary in the sense that it does more than get rid of the termites that have reached your home. Sentricon eliminates the termites at their source, ensuring your home will be free from those pests for the foreseeable future.

But what is it about the Sentricon system that makes it so special? Why is it the clear choice if you want to free your home from termites for good?

Let’s find the answer to those questions by learning more about this system.

Why Sentricon Is Best for Your Home

Before we get into why the Sentricon system has separated itself from the pack in terms of effective termite elimination, let’s first take a moment to understand its impact on the industry.

Sentricon has now been in the business of termite extermination for decades. We would not last this long if we could not deliver the results we claim.

Talk to any of our customers and partners, and they can tell you about the potency of the system and the products we use.

It’s not only our customers and partners that have been impressed by the work we do.

Previously, we at Sentricon were given a prestigious award by the Environmental Protection Agency. The honor in question is the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. This award is one we hold dear and something we point to whenever we approach our clients and partners.

We at Sentricon take great pride in being the most effective exterminator of termite colonies, but our work goes well beyond that. Our goal also involves continually improving the process of removing termites because we know that the more conventional methods are inefficient and harmful to the environment.

Getting rid of termites is what we do, but we always want to achieve that without doing damage to your home or the planet.

If you want an eco-friendly solution to your termite problem, you know who you need to call.

How Sentricon Eliminates Termites

There are different ways to address termite infestations.

Some exterminators may use termiticides. These chemicals are often pumped into termite colonies to kill them, but because of the sheer volume that is usually needed, the areas surrounding the nest may be affected.

It can do the job, but your yard or garden may pay the price.

They can also apply repellents to your home to discourage the entry of termites. The problem with this approach is that it isn't always effective. You may already find traces of termites around your home after the application of the repellents.

What we at Sentricon use are baits.

The Recruit HD bait took more than ten years of continuous research and development to make, but we know that we have the ideal product ideally to help our customers.

There are different reasons why Recruit HD works better than other termite bait available.

For starters, we worked hard to ensure that this bait can quickly lure in any termites nearby.

Termites find our bait irresistible, and it attracts them more the longer they are exposed to it. We have found that termites will even choose our bait over wood, which is another reason your home will remain protected.

One more reason our bait is the best available right now is longevity. Our treatment will be enough to last for a full year.

Call us to work on your termite problem at home, and we will keep those annoying insects at bay. Go ahead and focus on other problems that you need to address because you can rest easy knowing that we can handle your termite problem.

Why Sentricon Works

We did not discover Sentricon by accident. It took years to come up with the ingredient that would make it possible for our products to reach termite colonies, eliminate their members, and remain eco-friendly while it works.

After those early years of continuous research, though, we found the ingredient we were looking for in hexaflumuron.

Dr. Nan-Yao Su, an entomologist at the University of Florida, helped us come up with the substance we needed to infiltrate and eliminate termite colonies. Dr. Su looked at how termites behaved and came up with a substance that could take advantage of that. His efforts eventually gave birth to hexaflumuron.

Hexaflumuron works for a variety of reasons.

First, termites cannot detect this substance. Once they approach the bait, they won't sense anything is off. Because of that, they will bring it back to their colony for others to feed on.

They don't know the bait they brought back is deadly.

Hexaflumuron also unconventionally attacks termites. Instead of poisoning them, this substance affects their growth by targeting their ability to molt. Termites that become incapable of molting, eventually die.

Take note of the way hexaflumuron attacks the termites because it hints at why it's eco-friendly and safe to use in and around your property. Since it will only affect the termites themselves, you don't need to worry even if you have kids or pets at home.

We are still continually innovating at Sentricon, and our latest offering features the substance known as noviflumuron. In addition to being as potent as hexaflumuron, noviflumuron also boasts the ability to last longer, thus enabling it to provide long-lasting protection.

The Sentricon system has been a huge help to homeowners across the United States for a long time, and we do not intend to slow down anytime soon. Whenever you encounter a termite problem, you know who to turn to in search of an effective, eco-friendly, and long-lasting solution.

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