Get rid of rodents faster with Selontra® rodent bait

Selontra® rodent bait

Romex Pest Control is always on the lookout for the most effective rodent control treatments. Luckily, we’ve found one such treatment that fits the bill and even exceeds expectations.

The treatment is SelontraⓇ rodent bait by BASF. Unlike other rodent baits we’ve used in the past, Selontra provides much quicker and more complete results in less time. Our technicians are able to get rid of mice and rats entirely, without needing to come back as often to reapply treatment or refill rodent bait stations.

How Does Selontra Rodent Bait Work?

Selontra rodent bait can be placed inside or outside your home or business. Our technicians at Romex Pest Control after performing a property inspection will be able to identify the best locations to place the bait that will attract rodents, particularly mice and rats.

Within the Selontra bait is cholecalciferol, or a large amount of vitamin D3, that kills rodents when ingested. This ingredient also initiates a stop-feed reaction in rodents so that they only eat a small amount of the bait (enough to make it deadly) and leave the rest for other mice or rats.

Within as little as seven days, an entire rodent infestation can be eliminated using Selontra, even without having to refill the bait stations.

What Are the Advantages of Selontra?

  • Quick (and Complete) Results: Several trials of Selontra have shown just how effective this rodent bait can be, brining large mice and rat populations to a halt much faster than competing rodent killer.
  • More Leftover, Less Extra Baiting Required: The stop-feed nature of Selontra means that less bait is needed to exterminate a rat or mice infestation. This also means that pest control specialists don’t need to schedule as many visits to refill bait stations, saving you money and saving them time.
  • Fewer Resistance Challenges: In the past, Romex Pest Control technicians would rotate out multiple rodent control products so that a colony didn’t get used to a particular treatment and start avoiding it altogether. But with Selontra, bait resistance hasn’t been an issue. We’re able to use Selontra exclusively and still see amazing results.
  • Attractive to Rodents: Not only are rats and mice less resistant to Selontra, they’re actually more attracted to its taste than other competing sources of food. Grain, animal feed, leftover food, and more may attract rodents into your home, restaurant, or other place of business initially. But even with these food sources still available to them, tests have shown that mice and rats still prefer Selontra when placed around a property.

Continuing to achieve positive results, Romex was recently featured in a Pest Control Monthly Management Professional article, in which Texan owner, Brandon Kraupp, discusses his unmatched success with Selontra. Says Kraupp, “It’s such a good feeling when a product actually performs and does its job.” Rodents no longer need to be tolerated with this fast-acting, effective product, available to both pest control specialists and the general user. To read the full article, visit the link:

Romex Pest rodent trap successfully captures pesky mice and rats efficiently.

Get Rid of Rats and Mice Fast

At Romex Pest Control, we complete a full inspection and analysis of residential or commercial properties to come up with the most effective pest control treatment. But when it comes to rodents, we’ve seen that Selontra is by far the most successful treatment for controlling mice and rat infestations quickly and efficiently.

One experience we encountered, occurred when a residential home in Texas became infested with a large colony of Norway rats. For months, we attempted to control the problem using various rat control baits that we had used in the past. However, our technicians were returning to the property every 18-20 days to refill the bait stations, and still did not see the results we wanted.

That’s when we started using Selontra. Our technicians continued to come back regularly, but the bait stations weren’t in need of refilling and yet more and more rats were dying. Finally, we had found a treatment that worked and only needed to be replenished once every 60 days or so. But the results were almost immediate and surpassed any we’d seen prior.

Now, we only use Selontra rodent bait to control mice and rats! Its fast results and incredibly effective reach has helped us to provide our clients with one of the best rodent control services available. Contact one of our rodent control specialists in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Oklahoma to learn more about Selontra and the best way to get rid of rats and mice on your property!

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