Rodent Control

Mice and rats are a major pest control issue in the north Dallas area. Have you discovered this problem in your house or business? Don’t worry, Romex is here to fix your rodent problem!

We know all about mice, rats and other rodents. We know the structures and places where they hide and live, plus the best practices to get rid of them. Our licensed exterminators will come inspect your home and remove any and all traces of rodents. But we won’t stop there! We’ll also prevent future infestations from occurring to keep your home safe from any more rodent intruders.

What makes our rodent control services so great?

  • Our rodent extermination methods are family and pet-friendly with environmentally safe chemicals.
  • We provide effective extermination with minimal pesticide application.
  • Get fast, same-day response to rodent control calls.
  • Our “Pest-Free Guarantee” helps reduce your stress and worry.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service available.
  • We offer complete, Texas-approved inspections to diagnose your rodent problem.

Call us for your mice, rat and other rodent control needs today!

Our Locations

Service Areas Include:
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area (Frisco, McKinney, Lewisville, etc.)


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Mississippi/Louisiana Coast


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Mississippi/Louisiana Coast


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Oklahoma City, OK