Why Spiders Appear inside Your Home and How You Can Get Rid of Them

Why Spiders Appear Inside Your Home and How You Can Get Rid of Them

Spiders possess this unique ability to make people act irrationally. Ordinarily calm individuals

who have no trouble handling pressure-packed situations may panic at the sight of those eight-

legged insects.

There’s no real reason to be fearful of the spiders present in your home.

We’ve already touched on the topic of spiders before and determined that they pose little to no

threat to either your home or your safety. If anything, they are even great to have around because

they are natural exterminators.

Still, we understand why many homeowners would prefer not to live in the same space as

spiders. In this article, we discuss what attracts them to your home and the steps you can take

to shoo them away.

Why Are Spiders Attracted to Homes?

To understand why spiders like invading homes, it helps to try and see things from their

perspective. If you’re only trying to survive, you’re probably looking for any place that can

sustain you.

Much to the dismay of many people, their homes are plenty capable of sustaining spiders for a

long time. Listed below are the reasons why that’s the case.

Your Home Has Quiet and Undisturbed Spaces

According to the University of Kentucky, some species of spiders prefer residing in quiet and

undisturbed areas. Attics, basements, closets, and other unused rooms can accurately be


Parts of Your Home Are Humid or Feature High-Moisture Levels

In addition to areas that you rarely occupy, certain types of spiders also like living in humid

environments. In addition to areas that you rarely occupy, certain types of spiders also like living

in humid environments.

Can you think of any humid or high-moisture spaces you have at home?

Your basement could qualify, especially if there's a leak you haven't addressed yet. Aside from

your basement, crawl spaces may also attract spiders due to their moisture levels.

Different Insects Reside in Your Home

Yet another reason why spiders may have chosen your home as their new nesting spot is due to

the abundance of food. A typical spider’s diet consists mainly of insects. If your home is already

suffering from an insect infestation, spiders are likely soon to follow.

On one hand, it’s a good thing that the spiders have dropped by because they can help reduce the

number of other insects residing inside your home. On the other hand, seeing an uptick in spiders

can be a nightmarish scenario for some homeowners.

Your Home Is Easily Accessible to Spiders

Spiders also like to take up residence inside unused pots for plants, pieces of firewood, and even

under rocks. If these items are near your home, you can count on spiders making the short trip


Your home could also be a hotspot for bugs. The spiders may have visited to chow down on

some insects, but they may stay in your home for good if they find it comfortable enough.

Why Are There So Many Spiders inside Your Home?

Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas residents may find that their homes have

seemingly turned into a hub for arachnid activity after a few weeks. If you’re one of those

residents, you’re probably not imagining things.

Part of the reason why spider infestations can be so difficult to fight off is they tend to grow


According to Penn State University, a female house spider can lay about a dozen or more egg

sacs throughout its lifetime. Each sac could contain somewhere between 140 to 380 eggs.

Given that it only takes a few weeks for spider eggs to hatch, the spider population spiking

within a short amount of time inside your home would not be surprising.

How You Can Keep Spiders away from Your Home

Now that we’ve highlighted the different reasons why spiders gravitate toward your home, and

how their population can balloon overnight, let’s talk about how you can keep them out.

The tips included in this section should help.

Be Thorough and Diligent with Your Cleaning

Arguably the best thing you can do as a homeowner to keep your residence free from spiders is

to clean. Since spiders like to hide and dwell in areas that are rarely visited by people, you can

quickly make a part of your home unappealing by cleaning it up.

Give spiders no reason to stay in your home by making it an unaccommodating environment for


You should clear away any webs and clean spots that look suitable for nesting, such as dark

corners. Doing so may help you get rid of any eggs that are about to hatch.

Cleaning every once in a while is not acceptable in this case. If you want spiders to stay away,

you need to adopt a regular cleaning routine.

Make Your Home Harder to Reach

You cannot afford to focus only on the inside of your home if you want to steer clear of spiders.

The outside of your home needs some attention too.

Take the time to clear away any tree branches or plants that are in direct contact or hanging close

to your home. Spiders may use those as bridges to your home if you don’t remove them.

It’s also a good idea to clear out any random objects in your yard. By removing the items where

spiders can hide, you’ll make it way harder for them to reach your home.

Seal Up Your Home

Installing new windows and doors with tighter seals should also keep the spiders away. Those

tighter windows and doors can also help improve your home insulation, which is a nice plus.

Hire a Professional Pest Control

One more step you can take in the fight against spiders is to hire professional pest control. If the

number of spiders inside your home has already spiked and you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t

hesitate to contact the professionals for assistance.

We at Romex Pest Control can help residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas

who are currently dealing with spider infestations. Contact us if you’re looking for a safe, eco-

friendly, and long-lasting solution to your spider-related problems.

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